About Us

We’re two beach-loving, dog-owning dreamers who long fantasized about owning a place at the coast. In 2004, we purchased our dream house in Rockaway Beach, Oregon.

We currently live in Portland with our dogs Sheriff and Primo. Dana is taking a leave of absense from working as a Realtor with Keller-Williams to raise our two kids. Jason is a co-founder of Cloud Four.

About the House

The beach house is available for short-term, vacation rental year-round. The house sleeps up to 14 people. It is located across the street from the beach, and has many great features and amenities.

How We Found the House

In spring of 2004, we realized that our favorite places to go to the beach that allowed pets were completely booked for the entire summer. It was very difficult to find a place to rent that allowed pets, and even when we found one, it was impossible to determine from the photos if the place would be a good place to stay.

The previous winter, my coworkers and I had searched high and low for a place on a coast that had high speed internet access for a business planning retreat. It was harder to find a rental that offered internet access than it was to find a place the that allowed pets.

When we started fantasizing about purchasing a beach house, it seemed the furtherest thing from reality. We had no idea what it took to buy a house, how to rent a house, and whether we could afford one.

All that we knew for certain was that we believed if we had a beach house that it would have the things that we were always looking for but couldn’t find:

  • Pet friendly house
  • High speed internet access
  • Close to a very quiet beach

We spent a few days looking at houses on the coast and fell in love with Rockaway Beach and the house that we eventually purchased. Since we purchased it, we’ve been working hard to improve the house to get it ready for use:

  • Added high speed wireless internet
  • Big screen tv, satellite, dvd and surround sound
  • More beds to sleep more people
  • New kitchen table and chairs

If you are interested in the progress of our efforts to update the house, we’re keeping track of our progress on our blog. Please take a look at the features and photos of our house. You can check our availability calendar and make a reservation.

Thank you for your interest in our beach house.

Jason and Dana

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